Russia is well-known not only because of  convergence place of  Europe unique culture but there is also gived a presen from nature – luxurious and magnificient beauty. Additional, this country was called “ Birch country” since it still save ancient culture in the past

Exploring attractive scenery in Russia

Beside ancient traditions, Russia  has bulky architectueres not only modern but also classical such as: Red Square, Ostankino Tower, Winter Palce…Futhermore, visitors also are admired famous artistic works showed in Russia Museum. With people who indulge art and like peaceful space in this country, they should be one time to come here.


Kremlin Palace


If someone have come to Russia, they must be visited Kremlin Palace connect closely to culture and history of Russia. Kremlin Palace was built in 1475 and up to now, it is the symbol of Russia. It locate at centre nearly Oskva river bank, on Borovitskii hill. Heretofore, kremli was used to manage state affairs and also the housing of the King. Today, this place is used for political activities and higher authorities room in Russia


Baikal Lake


Baikal Lake is located on the East of Siberia. It is one of the oldest lakes in the world and formed 30 million years before. Now Baikal Lake has 340 rivers and only Angara flow out. It wides 31.500 km and rank 8th in the  world. Because of the grate depth therefore its carrying capacity is equivalent to 5 big lakes in Northern America. Baikal Lake has fresh and pure water, this is also home of more than 2600 plant and animal species, individually fish, it has morego than 50 species.


3.Volgograd Monument

Travelling in Russia, you should not miss to explore Volgorad Monument which has Motherland Statue with the height 85 meters. Additional, you can follow amazing  birch lines, it will lead you to the commemorated statue and this make you think about the people who died in Stalingard War. Volgorad Monument not only a place to do sightseeing but also a good place to learnt about Russia history through sculptured  art images .


Petergof  Populations


Peter Populations consists of the architecture of castles , gardens, waterfalls and more than 150 fountains and thousands of surrounded  small fountains which contribute to making this populations more artistic. Of these, the most prominent is the large waterfall stations with 64 nozzles and decorated with 225 statutes.


Owning 21 hectares, Petergof Populations also has Petergof Palace that people still called ‘ The Summer Palace of Crazs’ . It also marked the stamp of the three most glorious period in the history of  the Russian Empire, such as : Queen Catherine disciples II, Emperor Peter and Queen Elizabeth.


Cuisine and shopping in Russia


Russia is the country which has a wide area , its cuisine is also diverse. Most of the Russian dishes are processed from the foods derived from rural areas. When you visit Russia , you should spend some time on enjoying some traditional foods, such as : Blini caviar pancakes, skewered and grilled lamb, stewed pasta… Apart from that, shopping in this beautiful country also leave an unforgettable impression by the shopping venues in Moscow , such as : Okhotny Ryad at  Manezhnaya Square , Evropeiskiy, Novinsky Passage, Detskiy Mir, Gum…Besides, it also has a shopping small in Moscow, such as : Apraksin Dvor, Nevsky Prospekt, Gostiny Dvor…

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