Although Belgium has fairly small area , it is one ò the most attractive destinations in Europe. Likes many other countries in Europe, Belgium covered themselves a quite unique and distinctive colorful architecture . Some following destinations may be the suggestions for your discovery journey in this beautiful country.

  1. Mehmed Pasa Sokolovic Bridge in Visegrad

Mehmed Pasa Sokolovic Bridge is an attractive tourism destination of Belgium in Visegrad  , is across the Drina river in the eastern of  Bosna andHercegovina, was built and completed in 1577 by the architect of Sinan Ottoman imperial. Mehmed Pasa Sokolovic Bridge  includes 11domes built of stucco, each dome has the length from 11 to 15 meters, and a ramp to the bridge  ,which is perpendicular to four domes at the left bank of the river. It has the total height of 179,50 meters , is a masterpieces of architect Mimar Koca Sinan, who is the one of the architects and engineers of the Empire Ottoman – the same time as the Italian Renaissance architecture. This bridge wass recognized as a world heritage by UNESCO in 2007.

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Mehmed Pasa Sokolovic bridge


  1. Brussels – ‘comfortable’ capital

Brussels – The capital of the Kingdom of Belgium , as well as  the capital of the European Union –was one of the cities in many years ago with the unique art architecture , marked an exist zenith civilization.. Brussels is also a classical and charming European city, an  enchanting tourism destination of Belgium . The famous tourism destination of Brussels is Grand Place, the most beautiful medieral square of  Europe. Built in the century  XIII, this square was recognized as the world heritage by  UNESCO.  If you walk a short distance from Grand Place to Mannekin Pis, you will see a small bronze statue of a little boy who is “peeing” – a nice example about the funny organoleptic of Belgians.

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Grand Place Square

  1. Gravensteen Castle

There’re more than 3000 castles in Belgium and there are inside about 300 castles open from visitors . Moreover, Grecensteen is also one of the most famous temples here .Gravensteen – an  enchanting tourism destination of Belgium,  was built in 1180 by Earl  Philip of Alsace, consisted of  a catacomb ,a prision and a museum exhibiting the weapons and armor . The castle was built of gray stone , was conserved relatively completely with the small trench around. In the Middle Ages, Gravensteen Castle was the power centre of the earl . After that, this castle was used for  mint facility  , the main prision in Ghent. To the nineteenth century, the castle became a cotton textile factory. Nowadays, tourists who visit here can see the collections of armors, weapons, torture instruments and the paintings, models depicting the lives of the old prisoners in the museum.

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 Grecensteen Castle

  1. Carnival , Binche

Binche is a small town in  Hainaut Province, about 34 miles south of Brussels. In February each year, it  attracts thousands of tourists to attend a famous and vibrant carnival – Carnival Binche. Carnival is colorful of clown Gilles with the unique hats plug the ostrich’s feather parading in the vibrant music. It is also considered as an enchanting tourism destination of Belgium.

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Carnival Festival in Binche

  1. Atomium – Eiffel Tower of Belgium

Atomium is the building designed after the model of atomic structure. It was built exactly 50 years ago with the height of 103 meters and was sketched by architect  André Waterkeynn, was likened as Eiffel Tower of Brussels.

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Atomium Building

Monument Atomium’s shape is 9 global blocks,which structure like crystal and be hollow inside , each sphere has the diameter of 18 meters.The surrounding blocks connect to the spheres by the 35 meter cylindrical pipe with stairs for pedestrian inside it. There are some activities about museums, restaurants, …in side the Atomium’s 9 metal global blocks When tourists stand on this enchanting tourism destination of Belgium , they will see the overall landscape of Brussels. Tickets to see the inside of this globe is 9 euros ( over 200,000 VN dong) , since March of 2006 and Belgium officially circulated the 2 new euro denomination coins, one side of this coin features an image of Atomium.




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