Hidden behind the mysterious fog in the chilly weather, the autumn in the UK brings magnificent natural landscape with red, yellow maple leaves stand out the palaces, castles… Take your time to walk in the park with full of fallen leaves or move to the suburbs, you can feel more subtlety and charming of the fall of the fog.
London in the fall
London , the capital of England, in the tourists’s eyes is still a big city leading in the world which brings the full of historic and cultural heritage with more than 2.000 years and many mystery acient architecture works, cause you drifted and attracted. In the fall, the city is sweet with small lovely houses in the garden flooding with roses, the maple trees leaves change color, the transparent lake reflecting twinklingly…the nature blendd into ech other as putting on the city colorful, charming jacket.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho London in the fall
The Thames River drifts peacefully in the city. Light sun and fog blending in the color fall of early morning bring the fresh pleasant air. Standing from the London tower bridge, admiring seamens wingspan on the water and out of sight, you can embrace the Big Ben Tower, The Trafagar Square in the magical dew.

…and the fall of Cotswolds
Leaving the city, towards the small beautiful town Cotswolds- where is considered as “the heart of England”, you will see the idyllic and bucolic fall. Features of the peaceful village is picturesque scenery with splendid garden houses on the hillside, the curved stone bridge crossing the small winding canal and both ancient palaces, magnificent mansion,…it makes any visitors be alluring. The beauty of Cotswolds village was put on the famous cinematographic works by many directors, including the film of festive “Ms Jones’s Diary”.

Lake district – the biggest national park in the United Kingdom, is really “boom” in the autumn. The pensive roads are covered by yelow fallen leaves contrast with the green of  grass, silent lake, all things create an extremly lively nature. Once wind comes through that makes the leaves shake and spin down the grass covered pavement that will make you think of “Golden Autumn” of Levitan.

The golden fall of Scotland fairy
From England, through the roads covered red and yellow leaves, you will come to Scotland, with the fairy tales, charming castles and the famous whisky culture… Please visit Glasgow- the biggest city in Scotland, located on the dreaming banks of Clyde river with the classic and morden architecture and charming eating and drinking, Glasgow is also known with the name “The lovely continent”. Come here, only inhale soften, hot and dry air, you also feel flooded in the autumn.

About 50 miles away, the beautiful city of Edinburgh is located on the high mountains, always impresses by the unique architecture,  the most salient thing is Edinburgh castle- the pride of the people in the city. Standing o the high hill, Calton, you will take in the entire views of the city flooding in the romantic autumn with the maple leaves changing color.

The forcast of the fog is quite pleasant, suitable for elderly guests. Vietravel designs moderate schedule, visitors have several times to explore and relax, quanlity guarantee, Vietnamese guides understand the psychology, so the elder guests completely safe.

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